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I would like to share with you my vision for a new statutory holiday. I want to shine a light on addiction by proposing a National day of Sobriety. A day for the men and women that are struggling to get free, a day to remember those lives that we have lost to addiction, and a day to celebrate those who have experienced healing. I would like this day to serve as a beacon to those enslaved by addiction, and to encourage them to critically think about relinquishing their addiction. We, as Canadians, have expressed a desire for a new statutory holiday between January and March. I propose February 3rd be this day moving forward. Let’s recognize that families are being torn apart by alcohol, cigarettes, gambling, shopping, eating, working, drugs and reckless sexual addictions which is usually if not always are accompanied by total dysfunctional behavior. As a society we’ve all become more and more fractured.

I will be leaving BC’s Parliament Building, in Victoria, and riding across Canada to Parliament Hill in Ottawa. I will raise awareness, and through a collaborative effort have people give to the Canadian Food Bank as well as to rehabilitation facilities throughout our great nation. Addiction comes in many forms, some are obvious and some are not. Close your eyes and think about how many Canadians, over the next 30 seconds, are dialing 911 because they may have over dosed. Think about how many of us are gambling away our paycheck, buying another unnecessary pair of shoes or having yet another cup of designer coffee. Think about those who are eating or starving themselves. Those addicted to working, the internet, sexual addiction, the list can go on for a long time. We as a society have become over-amped. High levels of stress heaped onto us and we really do need to sober up and reflect on what truly is important and that is our current and future generations of rebuilding individuals and ultimately families.

My testimony is complex, but simply put I was totally in bondage to addiction. I have fractured friendships, lost relationships, I personally chose to self medicate myself into self destruction. My journey is a very painful one; maybe your story is similar, maybe not. I am riding to give those who are suffering a voice. Everyone heals differently I want to create awareness. The headlines are saturated with fear about our nation, its leadership and our tumbling economy. We see intensified violence and senseless death from those who engage in gang activities. Addiction effects anyone regardless of religion, race, social, economical, gender or political lines. We need to ensure that those that who need help have places to go and that those who need food are never turned away hungry.

Please check out my discussion group on Facebook. “National day of Sobriety Feb 3rd”